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How healthy is your lifestyle? What things help to keep it like that and what distracts you from the healthy life living? In most cases, people do exercise, keep on a diet, and get rid of bad habits. But sometimes you need to stop for a while and think about without rush.

The ceaseless researches of scientists show that there are not so many people who maintain a healthy mode of life. They determined four basic criteria that appraise the health condition of adult Americans. The results are quite impressive as only 3% of Americans meet all the criteria; almost 14% fit three parameters and about 34% has only two points. Men, unlike women, have lower marks.

Here is the list of those criteria. Check yourself, it’s easy!

  • Are you a smoker?
  • Can you keep your weight stable or lose weight easily?
  • Do you follow the 5 times standard of fruit or vegetable intake daily?
  • Do you adhere to the 30 minutes workouts 5 times a week?

How to reach the best result?

Each of these factors can’t be taken separately on your way of healthiness or weight loss. And you can’t say: “I’m a healthy person, but I don’t do any physical exercises” or “I smoke/overeat from time to time, but in general I maintain a healthy living”. Anyway, it shouldn’t be a real torture for you to walk the line.

We all know that smoking is no good. People who never derive pleasure from smoking can scroll this clause, but those who have a pack of cigarettes should stop deluding themselves and realize the danger of the trap they had caught in. And remember that it’s not hard to give up smoking. The true desire and willpower can help you reach it.

4 milestones plus invigorated tips

Most of the users will agree to those four criteria but say it’s not enough to be a vibrant person. That’s why we tried to go deeper and present a few more important factors. Of course, you are free to make your own list of rules.

Spotless mind and life experience helped to compose 10 must have habits of your well-being and outstanding productivity. Simple, but regular steps can release from big problems in the future.

Start loving your body. It serves you good and needs qualified support and your attention:

  • A good rest. How many hours do you usually sleep? It’s quite important to sleep at least 7 hours at night. This time is enough for the nervous system to restore. If not, your body can feel stress, lack of nutrition, and as a result, will try to find an additional source of energy and lead you to the overeating.
  • Take care of your teeth every single day. Yes, they are strong, though brush and floss should be the integral elements of your daily care.
  • Walk more. Moving is living. Buy a pedometer and let it be your motivation to walk and a small reminder to stand up and stretch your legs. Don’t be obsessed with counting the numbers of your steps just remember that while you are active you burn calories, clear your mind, and reduce stress.
  • Straight your shoulders! This pose not only improves your body posture but also makes you feel more confident and attractive.
  • Eat protein correctly. Include it in your meal plan and combine with high-fiber food for the better uptake and enrichment with nutrient components. Make sure that protein forms only 10-35% of the total number of calories in your ration.

Take care of your mental well-being:

  • It’s trite, but you should try to smile and laugh more. Roar with laughter if you want as it will protect you from stress and make you more resistant to it. Subscribe on some hilarious video channel or read jokes. Sitcom or comedy movies will also be good enough.
  • Spend more time with your family. Having regular dinners together can make you feel loved and relaxed. By the way, it can be a good food habit and the practice of self-control. People who spend their pastime with loved ones are happier than loners.
  • Yoga exercises. It can help you develop flexibility of your muscles and joints. Balance exercises make your body stronger and more concentrated.
  • Find your own way to harmony. You can meditate, contemplate, and pray. You can do it even 10 or 20 minutes but the regularity is the key to the positive changes. It’s a very delicate matter so listen to your inner voice and practice things that make you happier.
  • And finally, stay positive. The good vibes you feel and exude can change your life for good. What really matters is your attitude and life position in general. It can be an excellent habit to find something positive in any situation you face with.

Every day is the best time to become an improved version of yourself. And bear in mind, it is you who’s responsible for all that happens in your life.


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The super healthy foodstuff chart.

Explore the top 10 foods that were declared to be 100% healthy and nutritive by the experts and disease fighters. Dietitians all over the world named the finest food that won’t leave you hungry and can prevent you from some potential diseases. Read, cook, and enjoy!


#1 Lemons

The reason to eat:

  • This is the most vitamin C concentrated fruit on the planet that protects your bones and makes your immune system more resistant to diseases.
  • Lemons have citrus flavonoids that inhibit the development of cancer cells and have an essential anti-inflammatory effect.

Tip: You can put a slice of lemon into the cup of your green tea. This combination helps your body absorb antioxidants and increases self-filtration on 80%.


#2 Broccoli

The reason to eat:

  • It can cover the daily need of vitamin K and vitamin C. One middle-sized vegetable can nutrify your bones and make them stronger.
  • Also prevents from cancer.

Tip: Cook broccoli properly! Use a microwave oven and save up to 90% of vitamin C, because when you boiling or steaming it, you can get only 65%.


#3 Dark Chocolate

The reason to eat:

  • It helps to reduce blood pressure in most cases and "bad" LDL cholesterol.
  • Cocoa powder contains flavonoids and antioxidants which increase "good" HDL levels.

Tip: One bar of dark chocolate can give about 54 milligrams of flavonoids, but the bar of milk chocolate has only 14. Enjoy a piece of chocolate in cold seasons and forget about the cold.


#4 Potatoes

The reason to eat:

  • Is rich with cell-building folate, one red veggie has 66 micrograms of this element. It is equal to one middle portion of broccoli or spinach.
  • One sweet veggie can provide you with a daily dosage of vitamin A which is cancer-fighting and immune-boosting.

Tip: Try not to eat it hot, as it will be much easier to burn fat after the food intake. A fat-resistant starch helps to get rid off extra calories.


#5 Salmon

The reason to eat:

  • The famous source of omega-3 fatty acids. Regular intake helps to lower the risk of heart disease, cancer, and depression.
  • Eating a 3-ounce serving can give 50 % of niacin you need each day. It is a remarkable barrier against Alzheimer's disease.

Tip: Pick an organic fish carcass. Be attentive and eat good clean meat free of chemicals to get all the useful elements.


#6 Walnuts

The reason to eat:

  • Other omega-3 fatty acids rich foodstuff, able to cut the level of cholesterol in your blood.
  • The well-known source of calories which quickly transforms into energy.
  • Boosts brain activity and prevents its premature ageing.

Tip: Take a few pieces every day, avoid eating too many nuts. The best combination for better uptake is to mix with honey and dried fruits.


#7 Avocados

The reason to eat:

  • One avocado is abundant with vitamin A, B, K, E, PP, folic acid and minerals – calcium, copper, and phosphorus.
  • Monounsaturated fat is good for people who have the risk of heart diseases and diabetes.
  • It is a great alternative to eggs and meat for vegetarians.

Tip: The alligator-pear can be a secret ingredient in many salads, boosting nutritive property of each one. Avocado is fabulous in a duo with seafood.


#8 Beans

The reason to eat:

  • Any meals with beans, lentils, and peas are also your effective heart disease fighters. Beans lower chances to get heart problems at 22%, if you’ll eat it at least 4 times a week.
  • This nutritive food can stave off even a breast cancer.

Tip: Dark beans are the best! The scientists discovered that the color of bean influences the content of antioxidants in it, meaning that the white ones contain far less.


#9 Spinach

The reason to eat:

  • Enjoy those tasty green leaves and add in any dish. Spinach is important for eye health as it has zeaxanthin and lutein – the immune-boosting antioxidants.
  • The latest researches show that spinach is one of the leading cancer-fighting superfoods.

Tip: There is a tiny note about spinach – it is almost tasteless but very needful for the well-balanced ration. Add sauces and spices in your servings to make it more delicious.


#10 Garlic

The reason to eat:

  • Garlic is known for its antibacterial action and ability to fight with its spreading along the body.
  • An effective component name Allicin helps to get over the inflammation processes and normalize the level of blood pressure and cholesterol.

Tip: Crush or slice garlic to release its juice. Try not to overcook it as can lose its nutrients under the high temperature.

Expand your collection of recipes and find the newest and most delicious on our site. Bring something fresh in your daily menu and impress your family.

Enjoy your meal!

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